Slide Join the Fact Protocol Community Fact Protocol An AI and web3-based fact-checking system that mitigates fake news and mis/disinformation problem at scale. With automation and manual strategies based on distributed community contributions and incentivization. block quest powered by fact protocol An AI and web3-based fact-checking system that mitigates fake news and mis/disinformation problem at scale. With automation and manual strategies. Block Quest: Fact-checked web3 content and news. Download Whitepaper Fact Is A Public Good

We are leveraging AI and blockchain technologies to empower Fact-checkers in combating fake news

Censor Resistant

Fact Protocol uses web3/blockchain systems to create a censorship resistance layer for fact-check records.

Automate & Amplify

Fact Protocol automates fact-checking with AI and amplifies the results to mitigate fast-spreading false information.


All facts registered on the protocol are permanently stored in the combination of secure web2 & web3 systems.


Fact Protocol will incentivize fact-checking efforts. To stimulate more activity in the fight against fake news.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology can play a vital role in the fight against fake news and disinformation. Blockchain provides a secure, decentralized, and tamper-proof ledger that can be used to store and verify data. This makes it difficult for anyone to manipulate or alter data without being detected, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the information. By leveraging blockchain, Fact Protocol can ensure that the information it provides through its Structured Fact Repository is trustworthy and verifiable.

AI & Web3-based Fact-checker

Fact protocol is an AI & Web3-based decentralized fact-checking system that uses its native fact-checking applications, tools, and platforms to mitigate the fake news, and mis/disinformation problem online.

The protocol uses AI to automate fact-checking and employs two-factor to validate news and its facts manually. The first factor uses News Registrars (NRs) and the second factor uses News Validators (NVs) to re-verify the facts and authenticate the citations/references attached by NRs.

Fact Protocol = Strategies + Apps + Tools + Platforms + Programs.

Fact Registration on Blockchain
All facts registered on the protocol are recorded on the Blockchain.
2-factor Validation
News/Facts are first registered by a registrar
which is then validated by a validator to
increase the trustworthiness of information.
Blockchain Verification
Facts are verifiable on Blockchain from the Fact-checker platform interface.

Fact-checked on Gusture

The feed below is retrieved from, a platform for fact-checked emerging technology news and content. Powered by Fact Protocol.

RSS Feed Sample

  • Coinbase Secures Approval to Offer Crypto Futures Products in US August 17, 2023
    Coinbase Financial Markets, Inc. has received approval from the National Futures Association (NFA), a self-regulatory organization designated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), to operate as a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM). This approval allows Coinbase to introduce federally regulated cryptocurrency futures trading to eligible customers in the United States. As a result of this […]
block quest powered by fact protocol
Open-sourced. Secure (SSL enabled).

Fact in News / Media

Fact Protocol shares the Content Authenticity Initiative’s (CAI) mission to combat mis/disinformation by empowering consumers with the tools they need to determine the veracity of what they are seeing online.

Santiago Lyon, Head of Advocacy & Education, CAI by Adobe

fact protocol news on the week magazine

The founders argue the advantages of a decentralized network also extend to preventing the concentration of power, keeping the validation process democratic, eliminating bias, and ensuring full transparency.

Mohith Agadi, Co-founder of Fact Protocol told The Decrypting Story

fact protocol is covered on YourStory's Decrypting Story

Ecosystem: Partnerships / Integrations

The Fact Protocol ecosystem is growing with native dApps, cross-chain integrations, and industry partnerships. The goal is to create open-access platforms for fact-checkers & journalists and achieve decentralization, privacy layer, and censorship resistance. 

fact protocol supports walletconnect to enable multiple wallets to connect.
fact protocol joins brave software browser creator program.
coinbase wallet
fact protocol partners with wordcel
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trust wallet
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The idea and concept

March 2021 – the idea of the project is born and proof of concept (PoC) is created.

R&D is commissioned

April 2021 – R&D is commissioned and protocol design initiated.

Platforms & Tools

2022 (continuous) – We will start beta launching fact-checking platforms and a suite of tools and dApps to support fact-checkers and information volunteers/users globally.

Blockchain Integration

2024 – launch of fact-checking platforms in private beta and integration with blockchain (web3 login). The fact registration on blockchain will go live with community partners in Q2 2023.

FACT Native Token

2024 – Tokenomics final update and Fact Protocol’s governance token $FACT generation and distributed through mining (fact-check to mine program).

Fact Foundation & Fact DAO

2024 – Creation of Fact Foundation & Fact DAO to oversee Fact Protocol’s activities and support its growth. Appoint a board of advisors to administer the DAO and establish decentralized governance.

Fact Learn Program

Q2 2023 – Creation of the Learn initiative to educate communities about media literacy, fake news, misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation, as well as the significance of fact-checking the information that is found online and the advantages of using blockchain in fighting fake news.

Research: L1/App-specific Chain

2024 – Commission study on developing own L1 or app-specific chain to examine the possible upside (sovereignty) and benefits for various applications within the Fact Ecosystem. Follow official social handles and other channels for updates.

Our Team

A team of AI & Web3 enthusiasts and fact-checking professionals working daily to make the world a better place. We are building a decentralized protocol that is resistant to censorship to combat fake news, misinformation, and disinformation. 

mohith agadi

Mohith Agadi

Mohith is the co-founder of Fact Protocol.

zainab asif
Independent Advisor

Zainab Asif

Current – Google, Ex-Cisco, Nokia.

damodar kalyan

Damodar Kalyan

Kalyan is the co-founder of Fact Protocol.

gaja ram
Independent Advisor

Gaja Ram

Current – CVS Health, Ex-AIG, FedEx, Anthem.

sai bhargav
Independent Researcher

Sai Bhargav

Bhargav is a Researcher. Ex-IISc, IITB.

manoj agadi
Advisor - Digital Strategy

Manoj A.

Current – 10 Leaves, Ex-Comm100.

picture of rahul jain, he is advisor of fact protocol advisor
Independent Advisor

Rahul Jain

Ex-OKX, Bitbns.

picture of naveen kumar, naveen is fact protocol advisor
Independent Advisor

Naveen Kumar

Current – FIS, Ex-Broadridge, Mindtree.

picture of ganesh gudigar, ganesh is fact protocol advisor
Advisor - Design

Ganesh Gudigar

Founder & CEO – Antsline Agency.

Decentralized Fact-checker

World’s first decentralized fact-checking platforms with incentivization mechanics. Powered by blockchain/web3 technology and globally distributed communities.

Interested in Fact-checking?

We have compiled a collection of educational resources for journalists, students, and fact-checkers.

Web3 Verifiability Layer – Phase 1

The Fact Protocol is a decentralized and scalable fact-checking system that powers a suite of tools, also known as dApps in Web3 terms, that combats Fake News/Misinformation/Disinformation using native fact-checking applications, open APIs, and community contributions. As stated in the Proof-of-Concept, the protocol employs a two-factor approach (2FA) to ensure that fact-checks are verified unbiasedly.

With a community-driven and incentive approach, the Fact Protocol aims to scale across all categories and geographies. Together, we can prevent misinformation from spreading and save societies from becoming victims. The protocol’s rules are formed and/or amended on an as-required basis by governance vote.

The Fact Protocol — a governance and incentive protocol – is further explained in the White Paper (accessible via the main navigation).