Decentralized Reporting as a Service (DRaaS)

DRaaS is decentralized reporting as a service, the term is coined by Mohith Agadi, founder of Fact Protocol.

DRaaS (Decentralized Reporting as a Service) is a decentralized version of Reporting as a Service that leverages the benefits of blockchain technology and decentralized systems to provide an accurate, impartial, and secure reporting service for crypto asset platforms. The term DRaaS was coined by Mohith Agadi, the founder of Fact Protocol, a decentralized fact-checking system.

DRaaS offers a solution to the challenge of verifying the accuracy and authenticity of information present on assets and liabilities audit reports and on-chain balances. The decentralized nature of DRaaS ensures that the reporting service is impartial and transparent, providing users with reliable and accurate information about their crypto assets.

Security, Immutability, and Tamper-proofing

One of the key advantages of DRaaS is increased security. Decentralized systems are less vulnerable to hacking and data breaches compared to centralized systems, making DRaaS a safer option for storing and verifying information about crypto assets. Additionally, the use of blockchain technology ensures that the information stored on the platform is immutable and tamper-proof, further enhancing the security of the reporting service.


DRaaS also simplifies the complex language used in audit reports and the process for verifying on-chain assets. By providing a user-friendly interface and simplified language, DRaaS makes it easier for novice users to understand the information presented in the reports. This can help users make more informed decisions about their crypto investments.

Enhanced Reputation

With the increased transparency and accuracy of financial information, centralized crypto exchanges and firms can enhance their reputation and build trust with stakeholders. DRaaS helps to demonstrate a commitment to transparency and accountability, which can enhance the reputation of the organization and promote confidence in the crypto industry as a whole.


One of the key benefits of DRaaS is accessibility, as it simplifies complex financial information and makes it easier for non-experts to understand. This can help to promote wider participation in the crypto industry, as it makes it easier for individuals and organizations to access and understand financial information. This can lead to more informed investment decisions, better governance, and greater trust in the crypto industry.

These benefits of enhanced reputation and accessibility demonstrate the importance of DRaaS in promoting the growth of the crypto industry. By utilizing DRaaS, centralized crypto exchanges and firms can demonstrate their commitment to transparency, security, and accuracy, which can help to build trust with stakeholders and promote the overall development of the industry.


DRaaS (Decentralized Reporting as a Service) provides centralized crypto exchanges and firms with a solution to the challenge of verifying the accuracy and authenticity of information about crypto assets. With its impartial, transparent, and secure nature, DRaaS offers users a reliable source of information about their crypto investments, helping them make more informed decisions.

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