This document contains all of the information you need to know about the Fact Protocol. Any changes in it will be documented in the Changelog for transparency.

The whitepaper is currently undergoing changes. We are adding more details related to processes, tokenomics, and other elements. The newer version will be made publicly available before our platform and token launch. Stay tuned for updates. Date: 01/18/2023.

Abstract – Phase 1: A Web3 Fact-checking System

video fact-check by fact protocol russians protesting against Russian army attacks on Ukraine
Web3: Video Fack-check

Earlier, the only way to obtain news was the traditional way – trusted sources, media outlets, and journalists who follow a strict code of practice. But, the advent of the internet has changed things. There are many ways to publish and share information and quite often with little or no regulation standards.

Many people get their news from social media sites and often it is hard to tell if the source is credible or not. Social media sites play a huge role in increasing the reach of such Fake news/Misinformation.

This whitepaper explains the Fact protocol – a governance and incentive protocol. Fact Protocol is a scalable Web3 Fact-checking System that uses its native fact-checking platforms, applications, and open APIs to mitigate Fake news and Dis/Misinformation problem.

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